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Coffee Bean Background at Hawaiian Viking Coffee

The Full Story

About Hawaiian Viking Coffee

Arthur Schumann is a born and raised Hawaii local with a lifetime of experience farming and roasting coffee, with knowledge lovingly passed from father to son.

Beginning as a young boy with nothing but a cast iron pan and an open fire and eventually graduating to an antique 1947 roaster, Arthur has gained the skills of a true coffee roasting master.

Arthur has a deep love for history and tradition as well as bringing people and cultures together, as he himself is a blend of Hawaiian and Viking.

Arthur is also an intensely passionate geologist and astronomer, and when he isn’t tending to coffee trees, roasting, or sharing his craft with others, he can be found anywhere with good waves and a sunset view, or beneath a cloudless nighttime sky as he teaches others the wonders of the stars.

Coffee Roaster at Hawaiian Viking Coffee

Our Mission

Hawaiian Viking coffee keeps tradition alive by passing the joys of the old world on to the new.


We stand for tradition, history, education, and passion in all we do. We form a great many relationships in our lifetimes, many of which are strengthened while sharing a cup of coffee.


We hope that you enjoy our coffee, born from traditions and mentorship; and perfected through devotion.

Our Vision

Hawaiian Viking Coffee was born from the joining of two beautifully unique people, and built on strong community bonds, as we continue to celebrate the joys of bringing cultures together.


We are dedicated to teaching and sharing all we have with the world, and as our company continues to grow. We are excited for the many new connections and friendships we will build along the way.


We plan to take our coffee all over the globe, and hope that the joy it brings inspires others to embrace the world with warmth and camaraderie.

Arthur Schumann from Hawaiian Viking Coffee
Fire Roast
Coffee Beans a Hawaiian Viking Coffee

How was "The Original Fire Roast" coined?

Many great things are born when fathers mentor their sons, but possibly none so great as our fire-roasted coffee.


The name itself was born from a moment of education and bonding, and carried on as our Master Roaster began his own journey.


When a local coffee farm and tour operation began featuring his fire-roast it quickly became the business’

#1 selling coffee, and due to his passion and influence the business quickly became the island’s top rated tour company.


Realizing his potential, Master Roaster Arthur now seeks to bring his coffee to the people directly, sharing his passion and love of coffee, ready to carry on the old traditions and mentor the next generation of artisanal roasters.

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