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The Original

100% Kona Grown

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what makes

Truly Great Coffee?

The best coffee starts with the beans. That's why we choose to use only the finest beans sourced here in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii at our Coffee Farm.

This is the only coffee in the world that is farmed with American labor rates.


Kona Coffee is known for having some of the most full bodied flavors and pleasing aromas, as well as some of the lowest acidity amonst all coffees.


The reasoning for this is the simple fact that Coffee trees love the fertile environment of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa Mountains which are home to rich volcanic soil and afternoon overcast. Because of this optimal growing environment, Kona coffee has a distinct advantage over most other coffee grown in other parts of the world.

Coffee Beans Background at Hawaiian Viking Coffee
"The Original Fire Roast"

When roasting with an open flame, similar to a grill; you get smokey and rich flavors. We find that this provides the highest tasting and quality coffee for you to enjoy.

We are proud to say that our machine is well seasoned, meaning only the best coffee beans have been used for generations in this antique roaster; leading to even more rich and full flavored coffee.

1947 Artisanal Coffee Roaster at Hawaiian Viking
The Original Fire Roast
Arthur Schumman the Hawaiian Viking with the Coffee Press

find out

How We Came to Be

Nestled among the quiet farms and sunny hillsides of the Kona coast one can often smell the warm aromas of freshly roasting coffee, yet you’ll find no coffee more unique or tantalizing than that of Hawaiian Viking Coffee.


Our company is built on longstanding traditions now rare to see in the modern world, and we are dedicated to preserving a little piece of history with every roast.


Utilizing an antique 1947 roaster specially remodeled for our unique fire-roasting style, as well as techniques passed through multiple generations, our coffee boasts unique flavors guaranteed to satisfy a spectrum of tastes and desires.

How It Began

Hear What People Are Saying

"Hawaiian Viking Coffee is unlike any specialty coffee you've ever had."

-Alex B, Loyal Customer

"Arthur is the guru of fire roasting!"

-Grady F, Loyal Customer

Coffee Beans Background at Hawaiian Viking Coffee

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